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Oh, hello! And Welcome to The Funky Panther

     “Chad, Javier, and Tim are three long-time friends who spotlight the funkier parts of Funkytown through weekly podcasts that can also be viewed on YouTube. The hour-long episodes meander through random commentary on local happenings and eventually settle on featured guests. The three hosts are high-energy, hilarious, and not shy about dropping f-bombs on air. Local musicians are frequent guests along with chefs, brewers, and distillers. The Funky Panther offers a fun and refreshing way to keep up with the colorful musicians, creatives, and business owners who keep the 817 funky fresh.”

                                                                                                                                         - Fort Worth Weekly

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Full Podcast Episodes

Full Podcast Episodes

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Check out our "Tailgate Playlist" that we made with Amplify 817 showcasing some of our favorite local artists in The Funk! 

Get to know the gang!


"The Brains"

The obvious mastermind behind this whole operation, just don't judge him based on the things that come out of Javier's mouth. When he's not behind a microphone, Chad is often traveling, out with friends, working, or doing something outdoors.

"The Wildcard"

Oh hey, I bet you’re wondering, “what his bio gonna say?!” Is it going to be something smart?! Like.. not like “smart, smart,” but like... ummm... wait. I can change this later, right? Is this here forever? Is it in the cloud?!


"The Producer"

He does his best to make the other guys sound good (and it’s hard, really hard). When he’s not recording and editing, he’s probably at home sleeping or at his day job on an ambulance somewhere (probably sleeping).

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"The Intern"

He does what we ask him to do, enough said. Intern, get me a beer! 


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